Extended DropCase Utility/Vision

Section 1


  • Please briefly describe your proposal

DropCase utility: not only storing one of a kind pieces of music across chains (digital equivalent to a vinyl box), but having an actual experience with the DropCase as if it can be felt, VR with Haptics to have a ‘Virtual Listening Corner’, actually opening the case and ‘playing a record’ and the music played there gets played in the room IRL. Another could be a browser extension type player for access whilst on the web/gaming. Also, to have access to the DropCase tracks via a CDJ/Traktor, the utility within djing brings back the ‘tracks only a few had’ in order to create unique sets, playlists etc (Jimi Frew mentioned a ‘hardware’ wallet that had access to your tracks, I could see that being the DropCase.)

Section 2


  • What problem are you trying to solve?

To not have the Drop Case ‘gather dust’ in the corner, it almost needs to be used to bridge certain gaps within the web3 ecosystem & not be a one trick pony.

  • What gap/issue have you identified in the MODA DAO ecosystem?

Drop Case can bridge the gaps of separation within chains, as well as offer multiple use cases that the whole spectrum of users can experience, from listener (VR experience), collector (cross chain and unique 1 of a kinds aka ’Vinyl Box’ equivalent) and of course DJ/Producer (unique sets/playlists and airdropping to collectors/fans).

A far stretch would be having those tracks (if on Emanate) traceable, so when the track is played out, artists earn. (equivalent to the ‘black box’ in clubs, but actually works and does it in realtime) = big dream (but apparently possible an happening?)

Section 3


  • How is the problem affecting the wider ecosystem?

I notice many utility based projects do one thing… I feel the solution to longevity is having multi-faceted utility that has the opportunity to be expanded upon down the line.

  • Is there a risk of future complications as a result of the problem you’ve recognised?

Yeah, I guess cross chain adaptability is extremely tough at this point in terms of the user having a smooth experience without having to sign in/out or connect 9 wallets to experience the collected NFTs. - cross chain browser extension perhaps?



  • What positive impact could the improvement make?

It could possibly render borders transparent aka create a far more open reach to fans/collectors from different chains/preferences.

  • What are the potential rewards/benefits of acting on this improvement?

MODA being the ultimate “one stop shop” for artists/collectors/fans, period.

Section 4


  • How do you aim to begin improving the DAO based on the proposal you’ve suggested?

Put the ideas up for a vote/analysis from the community to iron out any creases or perhaps even gain further insight into why it would/would not work or perhaps gain experience/assistance in the process.

  • What can you suggest the team work on to enact your proposed improvement? (if you’re not able to improve the DAO yourself)

General support (obviously if everyone was keen on any of the utilities), we could write articles / make content around these utilities in order to showcase the multi-layered experience of MODA DAO’s Drop Case and its connectivity with the platform itself, to even a browser extension type player that fans could listen to whilst surfing the web/gaming etc.

Section 5

Next Steps:

  • What are the concrete next steps you can make?

Attend more DAO Builds, writing the ideas out in full in order to be criticized by the team/community.

  • What are the concrete next steps the core DAO contributors can make?

Besides already going ahead with Dan’s utility and actual development of the DropCase, I guess just let me know if these suggestions are worth pursuing as there is quite a bit to elaborate on, tried keeping it short for the sake of the proposal.

thanks for the time.


I like the idea of flicking through a drop case (record box), a bit like an IRL record store, but virtually, getting snippets of tracks as you go. Nice.

Also gives the opportunity for more artwork visualisation and engagement. I’m currently working on digital artist / music artist collabs and releasing music NFTs with both, for mutual exposure and benefit. This concept could well bring that to life.

Artists earning through a drop case ‘preview’ would be amazing, but appreciate the technical wizardry required might be prohibitive at this stage. Definitely worth elaborating - will try and make it to a community session soon.

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