MODA DAO Medium Content

Your role is to write a short form article we can post to the MODA DAO Medium around “why music is such a powerful art form”.

MODA DAO aims to reshape the music industry and ensure artists have fair ownership rights over their music.

We’re going to provide the tooling, education and onboarding to enable brand new and pre-existing artists the ability to sell their music on-chain!

Clearly, music is very close to our heart and that’s why we want you to write an article on music - the most important and powerful art form humans create.

A couple of guidelines for the article:

  • Maximum of 500 words, we want to keep it short and punchy!
  • Keep it collaborative and open, MODA aims to encourage everyone to change how they feel about music on-chain rather than forcing an agenda
  • Get creative! This should be a piece about why you find music powerful

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

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