THE SANDBOX - Sokan Beat Battle SB

SOKAN BEAT BATTLE SB - P2E Musical Adventure game in The Sandbox

The year is 3030 on Old Earth and one plays as their favorite MODA CHARACTER exploring a vast metropolis full of alley ways, rooftops and speakeasies inhabited by beat heads of every kind who are keen to battle you for a chance at your collection of MODA PRINTS . (song stems)

Choose from 1 of 10 MODA CHARACTERS to play with:

Players collect MODA AUDIO FINGER PRINTS by exploring the map finding them randomly laying around the city like a huge musical Easter egg hunt. Each MODA PRINT will be one of 3 musical layers that belong to a specific song which will also match in color. When all 3 are collected one can combine / MINT their MODA PRINTS by way of your MODA DROPCASE located back at your base / cube shelter where you can listen to your NFT collection more passively and chill.


The more one can collect and combine MODA PRINTS the higher one’s score will climb on the MODA LEADERBOARD. The higher your score the more V3RSE voting power you gain. Furthermore, after successfully combining / MINTING your MODA PRINTS in your MODA DROPCASE 3 times a new section of the map is unlocked and available to go out and battle for more MODA PRINTS to grow your NFT music collection and level up your V3RSE voting power.

Prior to working with Moda Dao, 12:08am was the Lead VFX Artist for 7 years at a VR video game start up called White Moon Dreams where he handled all of the real time visual effects work on all projects for both Sony PlayStation VR and PlayStation 5 platforms. 12:08am has also contributed to a hand full of AAA console games that include: Returnal, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Starblood Arena, Resistance 3 and Metal of Honor. His experience was gained while working as a Realtime VFX Artist at a few AAA studios which include: Sledgehammer Games, Insomniac Games and Electronic Arts Los Angeles.

Besides game development 12:08am is also a music producer with a passion for music gamification and interactivity as the primary focus of his work.

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this is epic! definitely down for this!

that rendered screenshot is siiiiick!! take me there!!!